Choosing a Bearded Dragon

You can buy a bearded dragon from a breeder or pet shop. You can also adopt from rescue centres. In each case it is important to know what you are looking for to ensure the dragon is happy and healthy.

A couple of easy ways to tell if the dragon is healthyAn Alert Baby Bearded Dragon

  • Pay attention to how alert it is. Does it follow you with its eyes and with its head held up?
  • Is it active? does it move about its enclosure?
  • Take a closer look at their body and look for visible injuries (scars, burns etc.) If injuries are apparent make sure they are healing and not infected.
  • Make sure their eyes, nose and mouth are not runny, and there are no signs discharge/puss on their face.

Adopted Bearded Dragons can be missing toes or the tip of their tails. As long as this is not a recent injury and they appear healthy otherwise, they can live just as well without either.

If you are a first time dragon owner it would be a good idea to get an older dragon. Baby Bearded Dragons are very fragile and easily become sick, injured or worse if you are not experienced in handling them.